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Muay Thai History! 1st Ever 9 Round Fight! Stripling vs Mitchell - Super Heavyweight!!!

Article By: Alex Minor

Professional Muay Thai history will be made On Saturday, July 23, 2022! When Justin Mitchell takes on Joe Stripling in the Super Heavyweight division. This will be the very first 9-round fight in Muay Thai in History! The IKF’s Stand-Up Fight Series touches down at the Renaissance Hotel, in St. Louis, MO, promising an action-packed night of high-level Kickboxing and Muay Thai competition!!!

In one corner, we have Joe Stripling, a professional Muay Thai vet of 7 years, with 7 fights, 6 wins, and 5 knockouts. Training out of CHOK DEE Athletics (in Wilmington, Delaware), Stripling describes his style as a “very tricky” and “weird” form of “Muay Mat” (Punch-heavy) and “Muay Femur” (Technical). Due to his technical prowess and high finish rate, Stripling has gained a vast reputation as a lethal Thai boxer that rarely leaves it to the judges. Even his opponent, Mitchell, acknowledges Stripling as the “Top Muay Thai heavyweight in the USA”. When asked what he knew about his opponent, Stripling admitted he did not know a thing about him, and did not desire to. On fight night, Stripling only wishes to prove why he’s one of the best in the world, as he showcases masterful Muay Thai technique.

In the other corner, we have Justin Mitchell, a 10-1 (6 KOs) amateur Muay Thai practitioner making his professional debut. Characterizing himself as an aggressive, pressure fighter, Mitchell fights out of Eight Points Muay Thai and Konquer Thai Boxing (in North Carolina), where he has the privilege of training under former World Muay Thai champion, Chris Clodfelter. Clodfelter’s team has captured over 100 national, and world championship titles in organizations including the World Boxing Council (WBC), the World Kickboxing Association (WKA), the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), and the United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA). When asked what he thought of the matchup, Clodfelter said he was “excited”. Clodfelter feels that Mitchell vs. Stripling has all the makings of a “fight of the night”. Moreover, Clodfelter expressed confidence in his fighter, explaining, “Joe is a veteran of the game, and one of the most technical heavyweights to step foot in the ring…but Justin brings some big, explosive, power, and a solid clinching game to go along with it. You won’t want to blink!”.

Will the feared, and respected, veteran prove his mettle once again as he collects the head of a new challenger, or will the Young Lion prove himself a new threat as he topples a giant in the game?? Only time will tell when these towering titans clash on July 23rd. Tickets to the fight will go on sale May 15th! Please visit to reserve a spot!

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