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St. Louis-based Muay Thai/kickboxing promotion is looking to revive the sport and local economy

Article by Zeke Torres

ST. LOUIS, Mo. --- After hosting the first ever 9-round Muay Thai fight in history, the

Stand Up Fight Series is adding another professional sport in St. Louis

On December 17 at the Renaissance Hotel, St. Louis area fighters will showcase their

skills against some of the world’s best. Representing the 314, Drew Gigax fights for the

IKF United States Super Middleweight Championship vs. Kuchlong out of Sudan, Africa.

St. Louis’ Tamikka Brents will make history in the co-main event as she fights in the

first-ever women’s 9-round Muay Thai fight.

The Stand Up Fight Series is a professional and amateur Muay Thai/kickboxing

promotion headed by Chad Mueller. The company prides itself in using local talent that

provides spectators with live music and lighting production while enjoying first-class

martial arts.

“We want our fights to have a ‘Las Vegas feel’ while in St. Louis. We’re making the area

a combat sports destination while bringing another professional sport to the city.”

Mueller said. “We’re bringing back the old days and getting fighters better pay,”

Mueller adds that the league will bring a large-scale tournament in 2023 that will

generate nearly $200,000 in economic impact.

Mueller, a fighter himself, runs Maryville Muay Thai in Maryville and is a promoter with

the International Kickboxing Federation. To date, he has hosted over 20 semi-contact

point tournaments that have drawn in over 1500 fighters. In July, the SUFS hosted its

inaugural event, which resulted in a sellout crowd.

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