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9 Round Muay Thai History! Fox vs Taylor!!!

Article by: Alex Minor

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, Stand-Up Fight Series is touching down at the Renaissance Hotel, in St. Louis, MO; promising an action-packed night of high-level Kickboxing and Muay Thai competition!!! In the co-main event, we have a historical, 9-round Muay Thai bout taking place between Jamese Taylor and Zack Fox!!

In one corner, we have Zack Fox, a professional Thai Boxer with 19 bouts (12-7, 4 KOs, 1 Pro bout), and six years of experience in the squared circle. Fighting out of Beattyville, Kentucky, Fox largely trains out of his own gym, “Diamond Thai Boxing”, where he has worked tirelessly to expand the sport he loves in his own backyard. Nevertheless, Fox will enter this fight waving the banner of “Two Brothers Muay Thai”, the gym lead by his trainer, Derek Disponette. In addition to his training in Kentucky, Fox has also made two pilgrimages to Thailand in order to learn from those that live, eat, and breath the sport. Fox describes himself as a muay femur/muay khao fighter (technical/clinching style). Going into this fight, Fox is excited and grateful to partake in the first 9-round Muay Thai fight in history. Moreover, Fox feels that this fight will be a great opportunity to display beautiful Muay Thai technique, and provide a great boost to the sport’s popularity, here in the states.

In the other corner, we have Jamese Taylor, a mixed martial artist with 21 fights in the cage (13-8) and 23 fights in the Muay Thai/Kickboxing ring (17-5). Fighting out of St. Charles, MO, Taylor trains at Wolve’s Den and The KBC Training Garage. Although he will officially be making his Pro Muay Thai debut, Taylor has already fought other pro Thai boxers in Class A competitions. Characterizing his style as “free, fun, and aggressive”, Taylor aims to “go home early” on fight night. Taylor claims no rivalry between him and Fox; especially considering the fact that they’ve shared coaches, and teammates, in Thailand. Taylor also respects Fox as a “strong southpaw that likes to fight”. Nevertheless, Taylor aims to finish the fight definitively, for “nine rounds is too long to play”.

With 42 Muay Thai/Kickboxing bouts combined, both men are highly experienced newcomers on the Pro Muay Thai circuit. Moreover, with nothing but respect for the sport, and one another, this bout is destined to be a true purist’s delight in which both martial artists leave it all in the ring!!

Tickets to the fight will go on sale May 1st! Please visit to reserve a spot!

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