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The Main Event! Gigax vs Ledford!

Article by Alex Minor On Saturday, July 23, 2022, IKF is hosting a historic Stand-Up Fight Series card at the Renaissance Hotel, in St. Louis, MO!! Comprised of numerous seat-clinching matchups, showcasing kickboxers and Thai fighters, IKF’s Stand-Up Fight series promises local fight fans an awe-inspiring night of artistic violence, technique, and indominable will! Serving as the main event, we have Drew Gigax taking on Reginald Ledford in a 9-round professional kickboxing bout!! Furthermore, the winner of this momentous matchup will be crowned IKF’s 172 Lb. Interstate Title holder!!! "This fight has two of the countries best kickboxers facing off in a 9 round title fight!" Says Stand Up Fight Series President Chad Mueller. "This is only the 2nd time in history there has been a 9 round kickboxing fight(with below the waist kicks). The first one was in 2021 and I was lucky enough to be there. It was absolutely insane and the fans loved the added rounds! And these fans in St. Louis are in for a treat!" Said Mueller. In one corner, we have Drew Gigax, a St. Louis-grown K-1 kickboxer with a pro record of 8-0 (4 KOs), and an amateur record of 18-2 (13 Kos). Currently training out of KBC Garage (in St. Louis, MO), Gigax is a domineering, Dutch Style kickboxer with a technical, pressure-heavy approach that tends to overwhelm his foe. And with a 50% KO rate in the pro’s, Gigax has shown henhad the KO power to end the fight with one strike. Gigax is elated to fight for a belt and compete in a 9-round K-1 bout. Furthermore, Gigax knows Ledford “comes to fight”, and he is excited to match his energy whether it results in a technical battle, or chaos. In the other corner, we have Reginald Ledford. Fighting out of the Striking Institute (in Chicago, IL), Ledford is coming off an emphatic victory over seasoned professional Richard Abraham (17-6) whilst competing for Team USA spot in the World Games qualifier Tournament(pros and top amateurs can both compete in the tournament). With 25 amateur kickboxing bouts (18-7) under his belt, Ledford is undeniably battle-tested. Nevertheless, Ledford will be making his pro debut when he steps in the ring with Gigax on July 23rd. Ledford describes his style as a mixture of Muay Thai, and Dutch Style Kickboxing, through which he enforces constant forward pressure. Coming into the match-up, Ledford is equally excited to make history alongside Gigax, whom he describes as a “powerful and skilled southpaw”. Ledford expects the fight to be a tactical “battle for the dominant angle”. When reflecting on how the fight would end, Ledford expressed that he is not overly concerned with the result, for he simply “enjoys the journey” as he fights as an equal amongst the best strikers in the world. Both men have achieved massive success on the local circuit, as well as the international stage. Both men possess relentless, technical, styles geared toward the systematic breakdown of their opponents. Furthermore, each competitor has massive respect for the other, and his skillset. All things considered, this fight is all but guaranteed to be a chaotic, yet graceful, display of artistic warfare. Come out on July 23rd to find out who will be crowned IKF’s 172 Lb. Interstate champion and thereby earn a chance to fight for international gold!!! Tickets to the fight are now on sale! Please visit to reserve a spot!

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Brian Pearson
Brian Pearson
Jul 24, 2022

Let's go Reggie

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