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Ahead of the Stand Up Fight Series' Inaugural Fight season in 2022, the promotion will call the beautiful Renaissance Hotel, in St. Louis home. Stand Up Fight Series Co- owner Chad Mueller said "We are bringing a Las Vegas, Big fight vibe to our events, and we felt the Renaissance Hotel could provide our fans with that experience. The whole hotel has been renovated and is absolutely beautiful, both in and outside!"

On July 23rd The Renaissance Hotel will be host to a full night of kickboxing and Muay Thai fights, and a IKF-PKB sparring tournament during the day. The knockout action that night will include a 9 round professional kickboxing fight, that will be the first in the area since the early 90s! "Our sport went in the wrong direction when we changed it to 3 and 5 round fights." Mueller said. "the fans have been getting cheated of championship round fights, and Johnny and I are here to change that and to bring the glory and excitement back to these fights!"

"After the Fights on July 23rd, the fun wont stop" says Mueller. "We plan on having a after party at the hotels bar with live music, full bar, and a chance to celebrate with your favorite fighters!"

The Stand Up Fight Series has also worked out a great deal for discounted rates for fans on the night of the event. (stay tuned for more info on the after party and hotel discount codes!)

In addition to hosting the Fight nights, the Renaissance will also host all of the St. Louis IKF-Point Kickboxing tournaments (the semi contact sparring tournaments to help gain experience for fighters)

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